Quality Assurance


First Step

Before the Start of Production – Customer Requirements :

Customer requirements delivered to relevant departments before the production and fully implemented during the production process.Some major contents of customer requirements include: Quantity, Size, Required material, Artwork, Colors, Printing, Packing, Shipping, Delivery deadline etc.

Second Step

Material Selection – Inspection of Material :

Very important aspect of quality control is our strict criteria of material selection for all our products. Every material has to go through initial inspection by our quality control department each time before the purchase.

Third Step

Pattern Approval and Cutting :

Cutting is started after getting material and approved pattern or die of gloves from the library and after fulfilling all the internal procedures that are there to make sure correct and timely cutting of material. The material cutting is started and completed under the strict supervision of experienced cutting supervisors as per the order requirements. Latest and modern techniques and machinery is used for cutting different kinds of material.

Fourth Step

Logo and Design – Embroidery | Printing | Embossing :

In house designing department draws the designs of all products. If embroidery, embossing or printing needs to be performed on any model, the approved designs are used in this process to control any wrong use or placement of customer requirements.

Fifth Step

Stitching and Checking :

Material required for stitching a glove is handed over to stitching department. Workers who have been provided with top stitching machines and accessories for producing finest quality of gloves. The production lineman and quality control inspections keep strict eye on stitching. The fit, strength, size, material placement and other characteristics of gloves are checked and controlled in accordance with customer requirements.

Sixth Step

Marking and Packing :

Proper packing of gloves with header card, if required and marking on cartons and boxes and other packaging of right size and material is used to reach final destination without any type of loss or damage.

Seventh Step

Shipping – Safest and Fastest Routes :

Quality assurance isn’t about just production of goods but also providing on time delivery without loss or damage. Our shipping and export department starts making arrangements right after receiving the confirmed customer order. The export department is assigned to book goods on well reputed sea and airlines which have safest and fastest routes. Quality inspection of export and shipping departments and arrangement is carried out to make mistake and error free export documentation.

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